Our Services

  • Comprehensive prenatal care beginning in the first trimester, or whenever you decide Liberty Midwifery is a good fit for you.
    • Monthly appts beginning until 28wks
    • Bimonthly appts from 28-36wks
    • Weekly appts from 36 – delivery
  • Labor support from the midwife and her birth team
  • 6 weeks of postpartum care + breastfeeding help, promotion of your recovery
  • Midwifery team available to you by phone at all times

Appointments include

Getting to know you and your family, as well as you getting to know us. Each appt lasts about an hour, depending on what is going on in pregnancy and in your life. Midwifery care doesn’t just touch on the physical aspects of your life for you and your baby, but also the emotional, spiritual, relational, and intellectual parts of your life. This brings a balanced approach to your care and isn’t hyper-focused on just the physical part of pregnancy.

We thoroughly discuss nutrition (link to guidelines in resources page) and the major part it plays in your wellbeing and prevention of common complications during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods. This will be an ongoing discussion throughout pregnancy.

Exercise and education are pivotal pieces to the puzzle of knowing how your body works and why. Priming your body and your mind during your pregnancy conditions you to do birth and postpartum well, without catching you off-guard because you were unprepared.

We currently serve a 75ml radius from Pulaski, TN. Appointments are done at Cameron’s home in Pulaski, TN, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Office hours are from 10a-4p each of those days. Births take place in your own home.

Prices are based on mileage from Pulaski:

  • 0-25mls = $4500
  • 25-50mls = $4900
  • 50-75mls = $5300

Birth pool rentals are an option for those who wish to have water birth but do not own their own tub. Rental prices vary depending on how involved the birth team is in purchasing the items, ranging from $60-$120.”

Consultations take place in person prior to booking your first appointment, and may be up to an hour long. Please contact us via email to schedule your consultation with Cameron. Emails are answered during normal business hours.

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