Welcome to Liberty Midwifery

“Birth is the peak of the mountain that’s been climbed for an entire lifetime, and a mother brings every piece of herself to the occasion. It’s no place for fear or tension, but should be a time of joy and being surrounded by those who promote your safety and relaxation during your most vulnerable and joyous time of bringing forth life.”

I’m Cameron

It has been a privilege for me to have always been around pregnancy and birthing mothers. As the eldest girl of 9 children, it was such a delight to be a part of my own siblings’ births growing up and watching how God has brought it full circle from training to be a midwife in the Philippines, to now serving my home state of TN.

I have had the privilege of helping almost 300 families combined in their pregnancy, labor and birth, and look forward to being a part of many more families’ journeys as the Lord leads and allows.

Why home birth…

Birthing at home is the traditional place women have birthed for thousands of years. It is the likely place where you feel the safest, most like yourself, and in control of your space.

With midwifery care, we enter the space you set the tone for, rather than trying to fit you into a box. We come alongside you in support to give you resources, education, and our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the birth experience you desire.

“Cameron, Kristin, and Jessica are amazing! There isn’t another adjective to use, they are the best! During prenatal visits they listened to any concerns I had and answered all my questions thoroughly”


“Liberty Midwifery was a dream to work with. The prenatal appointments were informative and in depth and the actual delivery so smooth and peaceful. Cameron and Jessica seemed to know intuitively when to suggest positions or techniques and when to take a step back and give me space to respond to my body’s needs.”


Cameron and her team were amazing. Each prenatal visit that I had with them healed a part of my past birth experiences. I knew that I wanted and needed to be surrounded by a Godly team of women as I prepared to welcome new life—and Cameron, along with her students Amanda and Macy, immediately felt like sisters in Christ.

I cannot recommend Cameron and her team enough for those seeking midwifery care. The level of care during my pregnancy, was unmatched, and so healing after multiple negative experiences with midwives. She was extremely responsive and attentive, while also trusting and honoring my voice and intuition.